Robot Sumo RC Battle

Robot Sumo RC Battle


The game is now on the theme WIRC 2024 where participants run a sumo robot to battle over the sumo robot arena. Winners will be determined by the highest quotation marks. Winners will be determined by the highest score in each group.


Conditions of competition: –

  1. Participant
  • The competition is open to participants from Indonesia and the Indonesian Foreign participants through the following categories :
    • Junior Open Category (1/2 KG) [age < 12 years old]

This category is open to all types of robot products.

  • Senior Open Category (1KG) [age 12 – 19]

This category is open to all types of robot products.

  • Each team consists of a maximum of Six (6) participants including:
  • Competitors must have at least one (1) participant and a maximum of Six (6) participants.
  • Each participant (except assistant teacher/team manager) is only allowed to registe/ join a team only.
  • Team registration must be done online at the website.
  • Eating & drinking are not provided.
  • The Robot Kit is not provided by the committee.
  • The committee reserves the right to cancel one or more teams that do not meet the target of at least 32 teams (or multiples of 8).
  1. Spesification Robot
  • The overall size of the robot shall not exceed the following:
    • Junior Open Category [1/2 KG]

Length 150 mm ; Width 150 mm ; Height 350mm

2.1.2.  Open Senior Category [1 KG]

Length 200 mm ; Width 200 mm and Height 300 mm

  • The weight of the robot should not exceed the following

2.2.1. Junior Open Category [1/2 KG]

2.2.2. Open Senior Category [1 KG]

  • The use of the “Voltage” battery should not exceed the following:

2.3.1. Junior Open Category [12 VDC]

2.3.2. Open Senior Category [12 VDC]

  • Each robot must be controlled by using the “Remote Control” (RC). The committee is not responsible for the occurrence of “frequencies interferences” between the teams competing.
  • Converting / replacing robots that have been damaged / destroyed with new / other robots are not allowed.
  • The names of each team should be listed on each top / edge of the robot for the purpose of revising the secretariat / referee of the match.
  • Here is a BACKGROUND over robots design / function:
  1. Using the “jamming device” equipment
  2. Build dangerous parts that can damage the surface of the arena ring.
  3. Create specially designed parts to damage the opponent’s robot.
  4. Using equipment that can produce liquid, fire, bran or gas.
  5. Attach the robot over the field to avoid the opponent rather than pushing out.
  6. Use dangerous weapons.
  7. Other matters which are interpreted by the jury as dangerous / inappropriate.
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