Robot Creative

Robot Creative

1.         Description

This category is intended to foster students creativity to realize their ideas in the construction of simple robot as a prototype of a machine which is useful for real life. Participants are required to design, construct, and present their robots according. There are no limitations on material or size, so that participants can express their imagination freely.

2.         Participant

Available for elementary and secondary (middle/high) school.


3.         Team

Team members are limited to maximal 6 students.


4.         Competition

4.1. Level .

All teams will be grouped into 2 levels according to their school level, elementary school level and secondary school level.

4.2    Time Duration.

Each team will have a total of 5 minutes for the presentation.


5.         Robot

5.1. Robot type

There are no restriction on robot type or material, but anything may pose a threat to other people is not allowed.


5.2. Robot size

Robot should be able to be constructed in the given construction area. If size of robot is too big to be constructed inside the given area or to be presented, the participant should take full responsibility.

5.3. Construction.

The team are allowed to build the robot before presentation, but the process should be documented for the presentation.

5.4. Control.

To control the robot is free, manual control or automatic control are both allowed.


5.5. Power source

No restriction

5.6. Operation

Robots should work with an independent electric power supply; it cannot use a combustible device.

5.6.1. Robot should act according to manual provided

 5.6.2. Example of failure to act according to manual Walking robot that cannot walk Robot that should wash clothes cannot perform clothes washing. Climbing robot that cannot climb

6.  Judge

  1. The robot can be demonstrated to show its function correctly.
  2. 2.  Performance.

If there are some robots get the same total point, extra‐point will be awarded to the best robot performance.