Drone Open

  1. Game description

Drone is an unmanned aircraft that is controlled by a computer or remote control. This drone category is divided into 2 groups, that is drone racing and drone auto. This match system is the fastest drone to the finish is the winner.

  1. 2. Conditions of competition:
  • Participant

The competition is open to participants from Indonesia and the Indonesian Foreign participants through the following categories :

  • Drone RC Open Category [less than 19 years old]
  • Drone Auto Open Category [less than 19 years old]
  • Each team consists of a maximum of three (3) participants including:
  • Competitors must have at least one (1) participant and a maximum of three (3) participants.
  • Each participant (except assistant teacher/team manager) is only allowed to registe/ join a team only.
  • Team registration must be done online at the website.
  • Eating & drinking are not provided.
  • The Robot Kit is not provided by the committee.
  1. The Drone Competition at WIRC 2023 is divided into 2 categories:

3.1.      FPV Drone Race / Drone Racing RC

FPV Drone Race / Drone Racing RC Open

FPV Drone Race is a drone race where drones are controlled by a pilot wearing FPV (First Person View) glasses. FPV glasses function to display images from the camera mounted on the drone so that the pilot can find out the situation around the drone. In this section, we will explain the competition rules for the FPV Drone Race category at WIRC 2023.

  • Drone Specifications

Drones that can be used in the FPV Drone Race category must have the specifications listed in this section.

3.1.2.     Size and Weight

Frame with the provisions of the distance M2M (Motor to Motor) maximum length of 100mm. The use of any type of motor is allowed, such as Brushed and Brushless. Maximum weight of Drone + Battery allowed is 50gr.

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