Cart Rolling Ball Maze Solving

Cart Rolling Ball Maze Solving

Game description

Cart rolling ball maze solving aims to arrive at the destination point to arrive quickly by taking all the points in a row and the mission is to bring some marbles to the cart given in the game. The priority mission of solving the rolling ball maze is the fastest to complete by picking up all the points in a row and not dropping the marbles in the cart. So when driving a robot fast and accurate is important. Mechatronics is related to the production of knowledge and programming of robots using the principle of dynamics, so that the basics of understanding robots are sufficient to understand the robot itself about the needs and the laws of physics applied to robots and sensor adjustment technology, as well as programming skills.


Conditions of competition: –

  1. Participant
  • The competition is open to participants from Indonesia and the Indonesian Foreign participants through the following categories :
    • Cart Rolling Ball Maze Solving Junior Open Category [age > 12 years old]. This category is open to all types of robot products.
    • Cart Rolling Ball Maze Solving Senior Open Category [age 12 – 19]. This category is open to all types of robot products.
  • Each team consists of a maximum of three (5) participants including:
  • Competitors must have at least one (1) participant and a maximum of three (5) participants.
  • Each participant (except assistant teacher/team manager) is only allowed to registe/ join a team only.
  • Team registration must be done online at the website.
  • Eating & drinking are not provided.
  • The Robot Kit is not provided by the committee.



  1. Robot

2-1. Robot type: No restriction

2-2. Construction (On site)

Participant has to construct all machinery parts of robot except the controller and while measuring the machine the assigned size has to be followed. 

2-2-1. Built on-site  The robot should be built on-site by the participant during the construction time except for the robot controller

2-2-2. Size:

Robot should be smaller than 18cm x 22cm(W x L)

The size of the cart for carrying marbles is smaller than 18cm x 18cm x 3cm               (W x L x H).

2-2-2-1. Size measurement 

  • Self-Check: Participant can check size of the robot in testing time of constructing zone.
  • Official inspection: Before the competition, referee will check the size of the robot.
  • Ways of Measuring: When the power of robot start to move will start to measure the equipment and participant cannot give any objection toward the judge.
  • Modify: If the size is over there is a minute to modify in front of the judge. If there didn’t finish the job in given time it will be disqualified as overcharge size regulation.
  • Before checking on measuring the instrument and shape if the size is changes it will be disqualified.

2-2-2 Sensor of the Robot: No restriction

2-2-3. Power 

2-2-3-1. Robots should work with an independent electric power supply; it cannot se a combustible device.  

2-2-3-2. there is no limitation on type of battery or voltage.

2-2-4. Operation: No restriction

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