Online Underwater Robot Challenge

PPT Presentation and Technical Demonstration Video


All teams need to prepare a PPT presentation and technical demonstration video.


30 June 2021 for ROV

30 June 2021 for UAV

 Guideline for PPT preparation:

  1. Title/Identification
  • Team name, country, sub-league.
  • Team photos
  1. Abstract
  • A concise summary of the entire project. The abstract should state
  • the problem(s) you investigated
  • the methods and key result
  • the conclusion
  1. Strategy
  • Description of different types of the algorithms can be used to solve the problem
  • Which AI algorithm to be selected and used? Include flowcharts or pseudo code if appropriate.
  • Innovative ideas involved
  1. Discussion and Conclusion
  • Teams should include the result when the selected AI algorithm is adopted.
  • How the result is improved.
  1. Photos/Images
  • Teams should include images and graphics of the team’s robots. Images and graphics should be original or should be available for non-commercial reuse with modification as per the creative commons license (
  1. Sharing
  • Share your team’s learning experience
  1. Additional Information
  • You may like to include all achievement in WIRC Academy or other robotics competition achievement


Video Guideline

Each team should submit 1 video. The video is focusing on presentation and sharing.

>>PPT Presentation and Technical Demonstration Video